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Four Principles of Low-Risk Software Releases

One key goal of continuous deployment is to reduce the risk of releasing software. Counter-intuitively, increased throughput and increased production stability are not a zero-sum game, and effective continuous deployment actually reduces the risk of any individual release. In the course of teaching continuous delivery and talking to people who implement it, I’ve come to see that “doing it right” can be reduced to four principles:

  • Low-risk releases are incremental.
  • Decouple deployment and release.
  • Focus on reducing batch size.
  • Optimize for resilience.

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  • Daniel Oliveira

    Great article!
    I often read your white-papers and Facebook, Amazon, Flickr are always mentioned. Would you share with us your experience implementing continuous delivery ir more “tradicional” companies?

    • jez

      Hi Daniel

      Dave and I have a number of stories about doing continuous delivery in more “enterprise” settings in our book. Blue-green deployments, for example, was something pioneered by a team I was on at an ISP in 2005. Maybe you could be more specific about what you mean by “traditional” and the problems you’re facing?

      • Daniel Oliveira

        My question were mainly about the manual part of the process, but my copy of the book arrived. I’m in the 6th chapter and it’s much clearer now.
        It’s a remarkable book! Congratulations!!