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Visualizations of Continuous Delivery

Nhan Ngo, a QA engineer at Spotify, made four fabulous visualizations while reading Continuous Delivery. She has very kindly agreed to make them available under a Creative Commons license so feel free to share them, download them, and print them out (click to get a higher resolution version). Thank you Nhan!





  • CraftSteve

    These images are awesome. Thank you for producing them – having read the CD book from cover to cover and referring to it over the past 3 years, it is very hard to distill the text into something so accurate and easy to view. Thanks again!

  • Kobi Halperin

    Thank you for placing these wonderful illustrations here, and special thanks to Nhan for the amazing drawing & visualization talent,
    Hope to see more coming on additional topics.
    I will surly share these on our local testing forums!
    @halperinko – @kobihalperin:disqus

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  • Patrik Carlos

    A great thanks to Nahn for these awesome illustrations. Even I who havent read the book yet have a really good summary. Will defenatelly read it :-)

  • Nathaniel Eliot

    Wonderful. I’m printing these out to go on the wall at work.

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  • Antti Virtanen

    You have totally nailed it. This is a awesome summary on the subject and I can’t think of anything I would change or remove from it. I can think of many things that could be added, but adding stuff wouldn’t make it better.

  • Mark Thomas

    Love it!! These are going on my wall at work.

  • Bình Quan Duc

    really love it

  • Jullietta jung

    Love this post. I was looking for some nice visualisation to demo QA’s role in continuous delivery.