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You can also see a list of all my publications and talks, including slides, on the Publications page.

Upcoming talks


Here is a list of all my publications and conference talks, by category, with newest first.


Jez Humble and David Farley, Continuous Delivery, Addison-Wesley, 2010


“Why Enterprises Must Adopt Devops to Enable Continuous Delivery”, Cutter IT Journal Vol. 24 No. 8 (August 2011, registration required)
“Agile Release Management” white paper, ThoughtWorks, 2010 (registration required)
Jez Humble, Chris Read, Dan North, “The Deployment Production Line”, Proceedings of Agile 2006, IEEE Computer Society (Download)

Articles and Interviews

Is the Enterprise Ready for DevOps?, InfoQ, 1 August 2012
Interview with Chris Little for BMC DevOps Leadership Series, 28 March 2012
Four Principles of Low-Risk Software Releases, InformIT, 16 February 2012
Analysis for Continuous Delivery: Five Core Practices, InformIT, 25 January 2012
Simple Talk’s Geek of the Week,, 28 September 2011
Interviewed by Forrester’s Jeffrey Hammond on Devops and Continuous Delivery,, 9 September 2011
Interview with me and Dave Farley on Continuous Delivery,, 6 September 2011
“Tired of Playing Ping-Pong with Dev, QA and Ops?”,, 10 May 2011
“Five predictions for 2011”,, 4 February 2011
“What DevOps Means for Enterprises”,, 18 January 2011
“Continuous Delivery: The Value Proposition”,, 26 October 2010
“Continuous Delivery: Anatomy of the Deployment Pipeline”,, 7 September 2010 (Chapter 5 of the book)


.NET Rocks: Carl and Richard talk Continuous Delivery with me at NDC 2013, 12 June 2013
Hanselminutes: Me and Martin Fowler interviewed by Scott Hanselman, 2 October 2012
Devops Cafe: Interviewed by Damon Edwards and John Willis on continuous delivery, 26 September 2012
Devnology interview Dave Farley and me about continuous delivery, 27 November 2011
30m interview on Continuous Delivery, the Lean Startup, and Devops during Agile 2011
Interviewed with Martin Fowler during QCon San Francisco, 2010


See my talks page for abstracts and the latest slides and videos of my talks

QCon São Paulo, 30-31 August 2013, Keynote: 21st Century Software Delivery. Slides.
PuppetConf, 23-24 August 2013, Keynote: Stop Hiring Devops Experts (And Start Growing Them). Slides | Video.
Velocity Santa Clara, 18-20 June 2013, “DevOps: It’s Not Just For WebOps And We Have The Metrics To Prove It (with Gene Kim and James Turnbull)”. Slides.
NDC Oslo, 12-14 June 2013, “(Re-)architecting for Continuous Delivery”. Video.
Agile India, 27 February – 2 March 2013, “Creating Maintainable Acceptance Tests”. Slides | Video.
Microsoft ALM Summit, 29-31 January 2013, “What Is Value?”. Slides | Video.

QCon San Francisco, 7-9 October 2012, “Adopting Continuous Delivery”. Slides | Video.
GOTO Aarhus, 1-3 October 2012, “What is Value?”. Slides | Video.
GOTO Aarhus, 1-3 October 2012, “Adopting Continuous Delivery”. Slides.
Puppetconf San Francisco, 27-28 September, “The Deployment Pipeline: from check-in to release”. Video.
Lean IT Summit, 10-11 September 2012, “Continuous Delivery”. Slides.
Agile 2012, 13-17 August 2012, “Continuous Delivery”. Slides.
Agile 2012, 13-17 August 2012, “Creating Maintainable Acceptance Tests”. Slides | Video.
JAX San Francisco, 10 July 2012, Keynote: “Continuous Delivery”. Slides.
CodeFreeze, 12 January 2012, “Continuous Delivery”. Slides.

YOW! Australia, “Continuous Delivery” (with Martin Fowler). Slides | Video.
QCon San Francisco, 14-18 November 2011, “Innovation at Scale using Lean Thinking”. Slides | Video.
Microsoft ALM Summit, 14-18 November 2011, “Continuous Delivery”. Slides | Video.
GOTO Amsterdam, 13-14 October 2011, “Remediation Patterns”. Slides.
GOTO Aarhus 2011, 10-12 October 2011, “Scaling Devops”. Slides | Video.
ThoughtWorks Webinar Series on Continuous Delivery, 10 August 2011, “Scaling Devops”. Slides | Video.
Agile 2011, 10 August 2011, “Applying the Lean Startup Model to the Enterprise”. Slides.
Agile Tokyo, 21 July 2011, Keynote: “Agile Case Studies and Lessons Learned”. Slides.
USI Paris, 28-29 June 2011, “Continuous Delivery”. Video.
GOTO Copenhagen, 9-13 May 2011, “Remediation Patterns”. Slides.
QCon London, 7-11 March 2011, “Remediation Patterns”. Slides | Video.
OOP Munich, 25-29 January 2011, Continuous Delivery 1-day tutorial with Martin Fowler.

QCon SF, 1-5 November 2010, Continuous Delivery 1-day tutorial with Martin Fowler and Tom Sulston.
DevOpsDays Hamburg, 15-16 October 2010, “Continuous Delivery”. Slides | Video.
JAOO Aarhus 2010, 3-8 October 2010, “Continuous Delivery”. Slides.
Agile Australia, 15-16 September 2010, “DevOps and Agile Release Management”. Slides.
Agile 2010, 9-13 August 2010, Continuous Delivery 1/2-day tutorial with Martin Fowler.
Agile Tokyo, 21 July 2010, Keynote: “Continuous Delivery”. Slides.
CITCON Raleigh-Durham, 16-17 April, “Continuous Delivery”. Slides.