Continuous Delivery Talks 2010

Published 01 June 2010

Dave and I (Jez) have submitted the final draft of Continuous Delivery, and the people at Addison Wesley are aiming to have it published ready for Agile 2010.

There are going to be a number of talks on the content of the book this year.

Kent Beck, Timothy Fitz and I are doing a webinar on continuous deployment hosted by Alan Zeichick of SD Times. It's at 1pm EDT on 30 June. You can sign up here.

I'm giving the keynote at Agile Tokyo 2010, which is on July 21.

Martin Fowler and I are doing a half-day tutorial on continuous delivery on Monday 9 August at Agile 2010. More details here.

Finally (for now), Martin and I will be doing a full day tutorial on continuous delivery at QCon San Francisco, 1-2 November. More details will follow here.

I look forward to seeing you at one of the events!