Continuous Delivery is set text for Agile Engineering Practices course at Oxford University

Published 06 July 2011

I am delighted to report that Continuous Delivery is being used as the set text for the Agile Engineering Practices course, which forms one of the modules for the Software Engineering MSc at Oxford University.

This is especially sweet for me since I did my BA at Oxford. It's also where I first got into systems administration. I accidentally reformatted my hard drive, and I couldn't get hold of a copy of Windows. Instead, I popped down to computing services and picked up some new free operating system distribution called RedHat, so I could write my philosophy essays (using emacs, of course).

Thanks to Dr Robert Chatley (@rchatley), who teaches the course, for letting me know. He says he chose Continuous Delivery since it "gave the best motivation for putting all the technical practices together ... [it] gave the big picture of what we were trying to do - minimise the cycle time from idea to delivery, and allow that cycle to be repeated frequently and reliably". He has a write-up of the course here.

He was kind enough to let me reproduce a picture of the students with their course text. I wish them all the best with their future endeavours.

Agile Engineering Practices class at Oxford